I see my typographic work as a constant parallel to my graphical—most of my typefaces start from the need to fill a gap in type history, to revive drafts from the past that are missing in our generation, or simply the experimental challenge in designing systems. Projects like fonts grow with my mind, which in individual cases can also mean that they are subject to constant change. However, the fonts offered are all at a point where they are only changed in levels of detail that no recipient normally notices. If there are important updates that affect function or application, every customer will be informed by a mailing and the applicable styles can be downloaded for free.


Because of my very direct approach to designing and distributing fonts, some of the offered typefaces may not completely fulfil the current standard in terms of language support. The current state of the glyphset can be viewed on each font-page and you can make use of the type-testers in your specific language as well. I do my best to bring all the offered fonts to a decent level, but if you are missing a certain glyph or even wish for more styles, do not hesitate to contact me.


If you are looking for a custom typeface for your brand or client, or need typographic consultation for any kind of media, please get in touch with me. I’m available for individual type-design work and would love to hear from you.


As we all know, there’s plenty of typefaces to choose from as a student, however if you wish to use one of mine in a non-commercial project, there’s a 50% discount available. Simply tick the fonts you want, and select “Student” from the licensing options. Feel free to play around with trial fonts as well, if you’re satisfied with the glyphset there, it’s ok to use them as long as the project is non-commercial of course.


This type-practise and especially this webshop is, obviously, inspired by many of the great ones out there perfecting the craft and their school of thought. Ideas and impulses about licensing from Dinamo, Massdriver, Future Fonts etc. shaped the decision to start it in the first place and I’m grateful for open speech in this business. A big part of my work is inspired by talks with Paul Troppmair and general discussions with graphic designers and what they look for in contemporary typefaces.

David Einwaller
Thank you for supporting independent type design, I highly appreciate it!