UltraLight Cond UltraLight Cond Italic Light Cond Italic Light Cond Regular Cond Italic Regular Cond Medium Cond Italic Medium Cond Bold Cond Italic Bold Cond UltraLight UltraLight Italic Light Italic Light Regular Regular Italic Medium Medium Italic Bold Italic Bold Black UltraLight Wide Italic UltraLight Wide Light Wide Light Wide Italic Regular Wide Regular Wide Italic Medium Wide Medium Wide Italic Bold Wide Italic Bold Wide Black Wide UltraBlack Wide
The wide range of styles makes Delphia an ideal tool for a variety of applications, whether in print or on the web. The different widths allow even the smallest text to be legible, while keeping the expression of the type subtle but strongly recognisable. Delphia was designed with the goal of creating a workhorse family that has enough distinctiveness to cover the power spectrum of an entire brand. The clear skeleton allowed the typeface to be extended with multiple weights and widths without losing its atypical geometric but dynamic character. It features a double-storey /a and shortened descenders as stylistic set to enhance its performance in headlines. It comes with matching italics and small caps in all styles.